Bamboo bicycles were invented more than 110 years ago. Some were made in the UK and others in the USA. Above is a picture of an American made Bamboo Bicycle on exhibition at the Technological Museum in Prague. Bamboo bikes are not a novel idea but have proven that through quality and engineering they can last more than 100 years.

It is hard to determine who invented the first bamboo bicycle. The most likely explanation is that at the time more than one inventor worked on the same idea.BambooCycle is an English company which produced an early model if not the first bamboo bike in 1894.

TESTIMONIALS for Bamboo Cycle Ltd. London from 1896


This is a copy of the original patent.It was obtained by contacting the European patent office in Bonn. It is expired but still an interesting piece of history.


Yours faithfully (SIR) R. WILLIAMS BULKELEY Kirby Hall, Horton Kirby, KentNovember 1st, 1896


DEAR SIRS,My Bamboo Cycle has been simply splendid, I have had it about nine months and it shows no signs of wear whatever. For perfect comfort I consider it cannot be beaten, and for appearance there is no machine in the market to touch it. The comments of those who have not tried them are most amusing.

Faithfully yours,



The British Chess Club, 37 King Street, Covent Garden October 25th, 1896

DEAR SIRS,I have much pleasure in testifying to the excellence of your machines. Before deciding upon your make I had great difficulty in choosing from the number of different bicycles advertised, and I am happy to state that I have had cause only for congratulation that my choice fell upon the Bamboo. It has been my constant companion when touring, both here and abroad, and I have made long journeys with no fatigue and great comfort. I can positively say it is the best machine I ever mounted. Should anyone be in doubt my advice is Buy a Bamboo.

Yours truly,



Modern Takes on the Bamboo Bicycle

  • 2004 Brano Meres begins researching and building his own version of the bamboo mountain bike, which he rides personally. He has continued to improve his line of innovative bamboo bikes
  • 2005- Craig Calfee Designs after previous attempts at building a personal bamboo bike begins producing Bamboo Errand Bicycles in the United States
  • Shanghai Bamboo Bikes begins operating as Robert Hartmann completes his Marketing thesis and begins producing bamboo bikes.
  • 2009 Panda Bikes begins operating and producing their own version of the bamboo bikes in Colorado
  • 2009 The Bamboo Tricycle is the brainchild of Chris Trees. He had the idea to create a modern version of the tricycle that could run on sustainable electricity.He has managed to create a vehicle that is both useful and attractive. For more information about his trike you can check his website.

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