Bamboo Bikes for adults:


Since I made my first bamboo bike in 2009 the category has had a huge increase in popularity. At the time it was not possible to buy any bamboo bikes in Asia. These days we work with several suppliers. Depending on where you live and what kind of bike you want, we can recommend different people. We have friends making bamboo bikes in China, Africa and even Europe.


Of course it is the easiest if you live in Shanghai, then you can just come down to the bike shop at( 330 Fahuazhen Road ). There you can pick out your frame and have it custom-built with the parts you like. It’s fun


In case you would like to test-ride the bikes before buying or just need a bike for a couple days, you can rent one as well.


Bamboo bikes for kids:


Shanghai Bamboo bikes is happy to give a shout-out to our friends at Xibambam. Xibambam is the new Swiss label for exciting and eco-friendly toys. To protect the health of your child and the environment Xibambam products are made to adhere to the following standards:

  1. processing with no chemicals
  2. use of saliva-resistant paints
  3. products containing no PVC
  4. manufactured from renewable bamboo
  5. social sustainability in the land of production
  6. local processing without intermediate trade/unnecessary transport


Xibambam_Pink_Bamboo_Balance_Bike Bamboo_Bike_black-300x200


Running bike SkyRunner –offers a playful way to learn to balance and is the ideal preparation for riding a bicycle. The bamboo design is revolutionary and makes the balance bike particularly lightweight but at the same time very robust and stable. Bamboo is more tear- and shock-resistant than steel. The pneumatic tyres on aluminum rims underscore our demand for a first-grade quality product.
Tricycle Babyface – is newly implemented in bamboos with a colour scheme that is appealing to both boys and girls. BabyFace is especially lightweight but at the same time very robust and stable thanks to its bamboo design.

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